Daring and experimenting. Creating and modeling with bold determination, innate courage. That is how Carla Braccialini is working from 1954, spurred by a creative soul that led her to become the extraordinary founder of the Braccialini brand.

Talent, pure amusement, glittering colors, precious materials and a good dose of fantasy are the ingredients of the creative mix that characterizes a Braccialini handbag; endowing an accessory with an eternal and universal style that unites passion, charisma, personality and liberty.  
Playfulness, uniqueness and Made in Italy are the benchmark values that assure the unmistakable recognition of a Braccialini handbag and that have allowed for the company’s rapid expansion worldwide (Europe, Russia, Japan, Middle East, China and Korea).
Braccialini handbags, conceived for the woman who loves to be noticed, who wants to be original and ahead of the times with a style of her own that escapes the dictates of fashion rules. Braccialini handbags tell a story and raise emotions, moving beyond set boundaries and honoring the highest of craftsmanship values. 

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