Tango Small Shoulder Bag

  • 36500

The Tango Small Shoulder Bag is an elegant bag in a perfect size. They arrive at Clutch and they go the next day. 

The front- and backside are refined with exclusive leather, which makes the bag a real eye catcher.The bag is very spacious due to the smooth leather on the sides. Besides your wallet, cosmetics, Smartphone and keys, you can even carry a small bottle of water or other useful things, it all fits in the Tango Small Shoulder bag!

The shoulder straps offer two different possibilities: you carry the bag either with the strap over your arm, in your hand or wear the long strap over your shoulder, so your hands are free.

8 pairs of hands created this shoulder bag in 240 minutes of craftsmanship, from 18 hand-cut pieces and with over 2310 stitches.

Height : 24 cm (9")  
Width : 27 cm (10") 
Depth : 14 cm (5") 
Handle Range : 30 (11") cm-60 (22") cm
Material: Finest calf leather

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