Russian River Summer
Russian River Summer


Russian River Summer

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Russian River Summer is our Artist Dana's favorite image for the collection. The translucent water is floating through the painting. Shadows of late summer forests reflects on the water surface. The golden leaves hint for the fall. The shawl is great to go with any light color apparel. Russian River is modelled by our artist Dana.

A.Healdsburg is honored to have Dana Hawley as the artist for our first collection. Dana was born and raised in Marin County where she grew up hiking the many trails that crisscross Mt. Tamalpais. We feel a deep love for wine country from her impressionistic interpretations. Expect strong color, expressive brushwork and a sense of movement and gesture in her paintings. Vineyards in all seasons and stages of growth show up in Hawley’s landscapes because she and her family live and farm in the heart of a world famous grape growing region. Dana received her Bachelor of Art degree, with honors, from the University of California at Davis where she majored in Biological Illustration.Available in two different material and sizes

Satin Large: 80"x43"
Satin Small: 77"x25"
Cashmere/Silk Large: 80"x43"