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Prairie Underground


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(Prairie Underground-Apparel -Top-W-Blouse) Prai Bedstraw Shirt

Like the spiky plant previously used to stuff mattresses, our Bedstraw Shirt offers minute details and design lines evocative of petals or leaves. It has an exacting fit with a high, nipped waist and shape accentuating gathered insets on the sides. The offset button placket rethinks functional elements as ornamentation. A soft organic cotton muslin on the body with organic cotton rib sleeves. The asymmetric shape and thoughtful button plackets work with the body to create a sculpted silhouette that stands on its own or as a minimal neckline beneath a jacket.

– Rounded neckline
– Curved lapel and close-set buttons offer shape without gaping
– Darted back for shaping
– Stretch rib sleeves are streamlined and cozy
– Body: 100% organic cotton
– Quantity produced: 51 in drab
– Made in Seattle, U.S.A.